Pretty good camouflage. Camouflage is largely used for the people in the blind. As we hide inside the blind, we have to keep in mind that we are the primary problem. The blinds have been designed with that in mind. Blinds can be seen but not recognized as a danger to game.

Blinds have to be flexible for many phases. Pretty good camouflage comes to the head of the list, but they should travel well over the road. They should be sturdy, stand up to weather in the field. Blinds should be as lightweight as possible, but without sacrificing their function and durability. Blinds should be cost effective in the initial cost, and by being long lasting, and by having good resale value, and blinds should work well for travel on the water, and blinds are a comfortable place to wait for game to come.

SkyBuster blinds are exclusively custom built on your boat at our shop in St. Peter, MN.

Build your own you have the option of buying parts and accessories, (see the Parts Page), to build your own blind. Blind parts and accessories make building blinds possible with a minimum of tools and special skills. Photos below show the applications of the parts and fittings, and we offer suggestions on the use of fittings and the design of blinds or other applications for the do-it-yourself blind builder. You don't have to be limited to bringing your boat to our shop.

basic blind

Quote The base model price for a SkyBuster blind installed on your 12 Ft. boat (as in above image) including the frame, mounts, and netting is $695.00. Several options are possible as are shown in the photos below, and quotes for your boat and possible options will be easier to determine if you contact Schroeder's directly. Improvements and changes are being made, and you might have a better idea for your blind. Blinds can be built on Jon or V-hulls boats from 12 Ft. to more than 20 Ft. in length. Prices are subject to change so contact us for a quote and lead-time.


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